ABA Advisors, LLC is a national brokerage and consulting firm specializing in the sale of accounting and tax practices.

We guide Accountants down the right path when buying, selling or financing the sale of their firms.

We seek to represent practices with 200K to 2M in annual revenue.


Accounting Practices For Sale: Our core business is Seller Representation. We provide complete intermediary services to accountants looking to sell or merge their accounting firm. We can also assist Owners looking to transfer their firm to an existing employee. Call us for a CONFIDENTIAL discussion.

While we never provide Dual Representation, we also provide Buyer Representation services to accountants who want an experienced advisor working on their behalf. Call us for a CONFIDENTIAL discussion.

Acquisition Loans: We specialize in providing loans to accountants for the acquisition of accounting and tax practices on a nationwide basis. Whether we represent the seller, the practice is represented by another broker, or there is no intermediary involved we can provide the loan to close the transaction.


This is a common question we get almost every day. Many brokers that specialize in the sale of accounting practices are former practice owners themselves. Others are former general business brokers that now specialize in accounting practices among other varied backgrounds. All of these have their merits and help to add value to the client.

We have a background in finance. Specifically, putting together third party loans for the acquisition of accounting and tax practices. While not every transaction we do requires a third party loan we have found many sellers looking for higher cash down payments. When a seller is looking for more money on the front end of a deal financing seems to play a role in the transaction.


No other broker or consultant serving accounting practice owners has the experience putting the money together like ABA Advisors. Our background and experience originated on this side of the transaction and continues to play an integral role in our daily activities.

As a seller, if you are looking for a large down payment we believe our experience in putting the loans together sets us apart from other brokers or the decision to attempt to sell your firm on your own.